Monday, January 11, 2010

And this is what's all about…

Everything started in 2008 when an wonderful experience open my mind about what, until that time I considered “my own strength.”

After the experience I realize I was made out of little women I kept inside me. My mother, grandmother, great grand mother, sister, friends, teachers, etc. I realize I had a little piece of them inside me.And that I was able to be today where I stand because of them.

Then after a family trip to my natal town in Mexico and after visiting relatives and spending most of my time there at my grandma’s kitchen listening to her stories. I realize I wasn’t too different from her, or from my mother’s best friend.

Then after a few calls and emails, a group of art-minded women got together and talk about these ideas.. and a project was born...

And this is what is all about:

It speaks about that circle, the path that we as women have walked since the genesis of motherhood and had been passed almost silently through out generations.

We as women recognize we are vastly different and yet have something in common; we may all have felt in love the same way or we all may have experience from time to time and urgency to nest, to care, to love and to be loved.

There is a continuity living inside of us, a common strand that is woven throughout our lives as women.

We believe women art is a witness of human experience, always charged with the present but deep rooted in the past. We believe each of us represent more than ourselves, more than our profession and titles; we represent the mothers, the daughters, the sisters and the friends, in our present and in the past.

We have called this project BIG EYED WOMEN

As women artist we recognize our responsibility to other women. We see things different but yet we feel the same. We are aware of our strengths, we feel powerful in a way and we want all women, all ages to feel the divinity in them as well.

Wish us luck!

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