Friday, June 25, 2010

Second painting for the Big Eyed Women series

I decided to make these paintings about jewelry.

I think about jewelry as the things you either has pass-on or in-heritage from family or significant people in your life. In this series I wanted to speak about the women behind me, the ones that have come before and somehow prepare “the way” … my current way, or in other words make who I am at this moment.

Jewelry is something pretty; something that is not ignored and you want everyone else to see it. Our heritage is the same, it is our legacy and even when we can change it, we can’t ignore it.

We inherited these things…talents, looks, will, notions, ideas, spirit, character, and we used them everyday sometimes unaware of their existence, without realizing how powerful their forces are. This is what Big Eyed Women means for me, it pays a tribute to all the women that had influence my life aware or unaware of it, directly or in a roundabout way. I recognize I am made out of little people, most of them “big” women… and I am a whole thanks to them.

I wish for every women/person to do the same. To "open their eyes" and to find their “roots” new or old and realize the gladness of their new encounters…

We will step on their prepare soil and connect with the past and future in every step.

One woman represents the daughter. She has been given the “family pearls” each pearl as taken a face representing a woman in her life. She has taken part of her mother’s spirit but instead of the bird she has only taken a few feathers. She now wears them humbly on her hair.

---Elizabeth Sanchez

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