Friday, February 18, 2011

I'd like to send a 'shout out' to Elizabeth. Although this is a group show, I have a feeling that one person put a lot of work into bringing it to fruition, and that is Elizabeth Sanchez. I love the title, Big Eyed Women. I was in when I heard it, so good job on that too.

As I've let my mind wander through ideas of what it means to be a big eyed woman, I've considered various narratives in my life and the lives of women around me. I thought about being open, being aware and being conscious of circumstance. Painting for this show could keep my mind and brush busy for another year or two.

With Love in Her Heart, She Sat and Listened (above)

This painting is about choosing to have heart full of charity and listening.

Sanctuary is a term used to mean any place of safety. I want my home to be a sanctuary, where the inhabitants can thrive in blissful beauty. A sanctuary must be protected, it must be stocked with necessities and maintained.

She Had Everything She Needed
A grey haired woman, a mirror, a portrait on the wall, and a hidden treasure all give clues to this narrative. For me, this painting is about what a woman needs as she moves into her more mature years.
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